As part of our commitment to personalized, individual physical therapy services, we want to provide you with the resources you need to get the most out of your physical therapy treatment. This page has all of the information on what to expect during your first visit to our office, patient forms, and insurance information.


During your first visit, your physical therapist will evaluate your condition. This usually involves reviewing your health history and a musculoskeletal exam to determine which physical therapy treatments and techniques will benefit you. Together with you, your physical therapist will help you outline your treatment goals and develop a care plan and timetable for achieving these goals. We recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing for your evaluation, such as shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.


For your convenience, you can download, print and complete your applicable patient forms prior to your first visit and bring the completed forms with you when you come in for your appointment. If you choose to fill out your forms at S.P.O.R.T Physical Therapy Clinic, please arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment to allow time to complete your forms.


S.P.O.R.T Physical Therapy Clinic has active contracts with most major insurance companies. We also bill first-party auto insurance, worker’s compensation, and accept private payment. We are happy to bill insurance as a courtesy to our patients.

We strongly recommend that you become familiar with your insurance coverage for physical therapy services and that you contact your insurance company if you have any questions about your coverage.

Physical therapy benefits are usually considered part of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services. Your insurance may limit the number of treatments per year and/or a specific dollar amount you can spend for these services. Massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, occupational therapy, and speech therapy can also be included in this group. If this is the case, your rehabilitation insurance dollars or number of visits allowed are spread among all of these services.

We strive to provide good customer service by communicating to you any insurance coverage issues that may arise. To do this we need your correct insurance information, address, and phone numbers. We ask that you alert us with any concerns, problems, or changes as they arise.

After your insurance determines what the allowed charges will be for the services you have received, we will provide you with a monthly statement of your account. If you have any questions, you may contact our billing service (In Touch Billing) at 208.505.9969.


Below are some of the more common insurance terms that you will encounter when using your Physical Therapy benefits. Please contact your insurance company for further clarification of these terms.
Co-Payment: This is the amount the insurance company has decided the patient will pay on the day of service.
Allowed Charges: An “allowed charge” is the amount an insurance company will pay for services provided by an in-network provider. The in-network contract we have with an insurance company requires us to accept the “allowed charge” for any services we provide.
Co-Insurance: Your insurance plan may state that you are required to pay a percentage of the allowed charges. For example, you may have an 80% – 20% plan, which means that the insurance company will pay 80% and you will pay 20% of the allowed charges.
In-Network Benefits: This is the benefit your insurance company will pay if S.P.O.R.T. Physical Therapy Clinic has a contract with them. After the insurance company receives our bill for services delivered, they will determine the allowed charges they will pay for this service. We are bound by our in-network contract with the insurance company to accept their determination of allowed charges.
Out-of-Network Benefits: This is the benefit that your insurance company will pay if we are not a preferred provider with that company. In this case, the patient is responsible for a higher portion of the total bill.
Incident Report/Questionnaire: This is a form your insurance company may send you during the course of care. You will need to complete and return this form to your insurance company in order for a payment to be made.